Counselling can be a powerful experience, helping us to understand and accept ourselves, and to grow emotionally. Whether we are feeling down and depressed, or anxious and stressed, talking it out with a skilled empathic counsellor is an investment in our future wellbeing. Unravelling the knots of our inner world and beginning to listen to our self talk will free us from the swings and roundabouts of our feelings. We learn to manage our emotions in a way that empowers us as we move forward into the life that we have always wanted.

Do you find yourself with a general feeling of unhappiness? Unable to enjoy the life that you have.

Are you experiencing anxiety or depression? Dragging yourself through your day and your life.

Are you self-medicating to cope? Using alcohol, food or some other substance in order to feel a little better, or to tune out and numb.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with stress? Getting up each morning feeling tired and unable to face the day. Or suffering with sleeplessness.

Are you experiencing a sense of unfulfilment and dissatisfaction at work, at home or in general in your life.

Drawing from various theories in understanding the roots of suffering and discontent, I take a non-judgmental, curious, compassionate approach to therapy in guiding you to a place of healing and wellness.