Clinical supervision is a requirement for all accredited therapists as well as those working towards accreditation and students who are working with clients as part of their training in counselling, psychotherapy and other therapy training models. Over the last 6 years I have had the astounding privilege of supervising student counsellors/psychotherapists, counsellors/psychotherapists working towards their accreditation, and accredited experienced therapists. In some ways the supervision is the same in each case and in other ways it is very different. A student counsellor may require more reassurance and guidance than an experienced accredited counsellor. With another experienced therapist the process is of collaboration and exploration. The golden rule is that we talk out where we feel stuck in the therapy. We all need the opportunity to explore the work that we are engaged in; to access our approach with our clients; to process how we are progressing as clinicians; and to continue to grow and learn as we evolve as therapists. By each of us talking about our client work with another more experienced therapist we safeguard the welfare of both the client and the therapist.