I have been working in Counselling/Psychotherapy for 20 years.  I love the work that I do.  Even after all these years, I still get a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from playing a part in someone transforming how they feel and moving on to lead a happier easier life.

I am an intuitive self-empowerment counsellor who sees past the ‘problems’ that people present and into where the person is ‘stuck’.  Somewhere in us all is a need for connection and community.  In this modern world most of us feel isolated and unable to open up – even  to our circle of friends.  Sometimes coming for counselling is the beginning of finding our way into to a sense of wellbeing that we may not have experienced before.  

In some ways it does not matter the difficulty being experienced by the person at the time of making the appointment.  For some it will be an addiction,  depression, disordered eating, or anxiety that will prompt the action of lifting the phone and making the call.  For someone else it will be that feeling of being lost, and disconnected from what seems like a good enough life. Once someone is sitting with me and we begin to explore their issues, their thoughts and their behaviours, we slowly build a picture of their internal world.  In a space of wholehearted trust we eventually  begin to form a different way  of relating to and with our emotions.  

Change your life one breath at a time.